By: Amanda Shotsky
SAN DIEGO, CA – San Diego law enforcement is stepping up efforts to crack down on domestic violence, specifically cases that involve strangulation.
“I tried to escape running out of the hotel room and he pulled my hair and that’s when he broke my neck and I fell to the floor.”
“Ana,” a Vista woman was brutally beaten and strangled by her boyfriend in 2005. The attack left her paralyzed.
According to the San Diego Attorneys office a woman who is strangled by their partner is 7 times more likely to be killed by them.
Last week, in a joint press conference officials announced a new protocol to help officers detect, document and respond to these situations.
Proof of strangulation can actually add months to an abusers time behind bars. Ana’s attacker is currently serving two life sentences. Amanda Shotsky has the story.
Article Source: San Diego woman shares story of domestic violence as county officials crack down on strangulation cases