By: Amanda Abate and Krystal Johnson
VIDEO: Queensland student recovering from surgery after ‘prank gone wrong’
A 15-year-old Gold Coast boy almost died from a schoolyard choking game that deprives the brain of oxygen through strangulation.

On Wednesday and without consent, Jamie Cox was wrapped in a headlock, choked to a point where he passed out before he smashed his head on the ground.
He was placed in an induced coma and woke on Friday completely unaware of what happened to him and asked his parents what happened.
Almost in tears, Jamie’s father Rodney Cox told 7 News his son was in surgery for several hours and there was a chance he wasn’t going to make it out.
“It’s a pretty reckless thing if that is a game,” he said, pleading for students to not take part in it.
“He (Jamie) is still trying to come to grips with what’s happened.”
On Friday, Jamie underwent further neurological tests done, which revealed that his condition is improving but there is a chance the game has caused long-term or even permanent damage.
“Things could still arise in days or weeks or months,” Mr Cox said about Jamie’s condition.
Police are currently investigating the situation and the teenager responsible for the act may face criminal charges.
The choking game is known as ‘tap out’ or ‘space monkey’ and derives from the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC).
Using strangulation, the game encourages people to cut off their airway that induces a “high” by depriving the brain of oxygen causing that person to pass out.
For more information about the damaging effects this dangerous schoolyard act has on students visit click here.
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