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20th Annual International Family Justice Center Conference

Theme: Living a Legacy of HOPE
September 9-11, 2020 in San Diego, California

We are so excited to begin registration for our 2020 International Family Justice Center Conference (September 9-11, 2020) in San Diego, California entitled “Living a Legacy of Hope”. Hope is the single greatest predictor of long-term wellbeing in the lives of trauma-exposed adults and children. This year our conference will be again grounded in the science of hope and every attendee will walk away with practical tools to increase personal hope and better equipped to give hope to others. Rarely can a conference promise to provide a life-changing understanding of hope to a multi-disciplinary audience of police officers, prosecutors, advocates, doctors, nurses, civil attorneys, judges, probation/parole officers, ministers, camping professionals, mental health professionals, public health officers, policy makers, faith community leaders, elected officials, survivors, batterers intervention program facilitators, and other attendees. We measure hope, resiliency, and well-being in our conference attendees and our outcomes are powerful and long-lasting. Our outcomes include a major finding that hope is more significant than resiliency in predicting wellbeing in trauma survivors and the professionals serving them. This next year we will again evaluate this finding from years’ past.

Our speakers are a “Who’s Who” in the field of the collaborative work and include law enforcement leaders, prosecutors, advocates, judges, doctors, nurses, social workers, mental health professionals, and researchers. A complete listing of workshops is available online for your review.  We are especially focusing on legacy speakers this year as we honor many in the domestic and sexual assault movements that have been doing this work for 25+ years. Our Annual International Family Justice Center Conference brings together 800 multi-disciplinary professionals working in the fields of domestic violence, stalking, child abuse, sexual assault, elder abuse, and human trafficking. For the last three years, our conference has sold out with many multi-disciplinary teams from communities across the country and around the world joining us for three amazing days together. This next year will be no exception.

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