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1th Annual Leadership Summit

December 2nd & 3rd, 2020 – Virtual

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The rapidly developing movement toward multi-agency, collaborative, co-located services is getting the attention of nonprofit agency leaders and funders across the country. There are currently more than 130 Family Justice/Multi-Agency Centers (FJCs) in the United States and hundreds of additional communities working to develop partnerships to create co-located services. Internationally, the FJC Movement has gained strong momentum, including the development of the European Family Justice Center Alliance with initiatives in more than 20 countries. Beyond Europe, there are developing and operating Family Justice or similar cross-sector collaborative centers in another 15 countries. Around the world, community-based agencies are working with government entities to create more comprehensive responses to trauma-exposed children and adults.

What is the next step for your agency? How can you continue to shift the dial to usher hope and healing for survivors in your community?

Whether you are just starting down the road toward greater collective impact or have been part of this movement since its beginning, the Annual Leadership Summit is an opportunity for you to learn from and be inspired by others in the movement.

This year, the two-day virtual event – broadcasting LIVE from Nashville – has been structured with breakout sessions and presentations that create space for leaders to take stock after a challenging year and reclaim hope together. We heard your requests for a big exhale and acknowledgment of how much turbulence leaders have had to lead staff and partners through in 2020, and we will begin our time together with a collective release of the breath we’ve all been holding. From there, we will spend our time reclaiming hope, fueling up, and casting vision for the journey that lies ahead of us.

Our two-day Summit is specifically targeting:

  • Community-based agencies who are interested in increasing their collective impact through co-located services 
  • Leadership staff at open and developing Family Justice and Multi-Agency Centers
  • Board members, policymakers, elected officials, and funders

Registration Fee

  • This year’s registration fee is complimentary.


  • Due to public health guidelines, we will be hosting a virtual Leadership Summit this year using the Zoom platform. Multiple breakout sessions have been built into the agenda to cultivate small group discussions throughout the two-day event, which will be broadcast LIVE from Nashville, TN.

Annual International Family Justice Center Conference

The upcoming dates for our next conferences are:

2021:  4/20/2021 – 4/22/2021

2022: 5/25/2022 – 5/27/2022

2023: 5/9/2023 – 5/11/2023

2024: No dates selected yet

2025: 4/29/2025 – 5/1/2025

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