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(Stillwater, Okla.) — A Stillwater man remains jailed on $100,000 bail on charges of raping, choking and beating his ex-girlfriend, as well as destroying some of her property – two days after she broke off the relationship.
    If convicted of first-degree rape, domestic violence by strangulation, domestic abuse by hitting her in the head, and also malicious injury to her property, Esteban Daniel Hernandez, 37, who has been known as Steve or Steven, could be incarcerated for 20 years, court records show.
    Hernandez was arrested by Stillwater police on Aug. 2 and arraigned from the Payne County Jail this week, court records show.
    An investigation began when Hernandez’ ex-girlfriend, who suffered a concession, went to the Stillwater Medical Center emergency room for treatment, a Stillwater police news release said.
    Hernandez’ ex-girlfriend obtained an emergency protective order against Hernandez on July 6 – a week after the alleged attack, court records show.
    In her EPO petition, Hernandez’ ex-girlfriend said, “I met Esteban in a local coffee shop approximately at the end of March 2018. We went on a date. About one week later, he showed up to my house unannounced with a gift while I was at work. Over the next few weeks, we continued to date.
    “About one month later, we began having arguments. I felt manipulated and controlled in the relationship and I told him our relationship was unhealthy. He asked me to ‘un friend’ males from Facebook and got very jealous of other male friends. He was verbally abusive towards me and made me feel uncomfortable.
    “When I told him these things, he argued with me until I felt worn down mentally. I tried to break up with him multiple times due to feeling unsafe and uncomfortable including an incident where he had tried to force me to have sex with him. After breaking up with him about one month ago, he came to my door the next morning and told me he didn’t want to be alone.
    “I felt worn out from dealing with him and I let him back in. Within the next few days, I tried to speak with him expressing I didn’t see a future with him. Again, he argued with me and I finally gave up the argument. I felt worn down. At this point, we continued our relationship. I was working on his birthday and had picked up an extra shift that week. The following weekend I was to go out of town on a trip I had planned with a friend.
    “He woke me when I was sleeping to express how upset he was about the extra shift and the trip. He got upset when I didn’t respond with compassion and left my house. He then called me almost immediately after leaving. I expressed to him I did not want to continue the relationship.”
    According to her EPO petition, after Hernandez sent her multiple text messages, “I told him I needed space and I would talk to him when I was ready.” Two days later, on June 29 at 2 p.m., Hernandez came to her house, tried to get her to continue the relationship, but she “looked him in the eyes and said ‘I am breaking up with you and that’s it.’”
    After walking around her house, Hernandez said, “Do you want to do this the easy way or the hard way?” according to her EPO petition, which alleged Hernandez punched walls, punched paintings she had done, smashed a mirror and four pictures frames, ripped up two of her paintings, repeatedly hit her in the head, asked her if she had been cheating on him, called her names, raped her, and slammed her head in the couch multiple times.
    “I thought that he broke my jaw and that he was going to kill me… He told me he was going to kill my ex-boyfriend and bring me the body. He then stated he would slit my ex-boyfriend’s throat in front of me…I tried to go out the door at one point and he picked me up and threw me across the room. He said, ‘You don’t get to choose when this ends. I asked him, ‘Are you just going to keep beating me? What is this going to resolve? He said, ‘Yeah, it makes me feel a lot better,’” her EPO petition alleged.
    “I had been dry heaving. I was severely nauseated, dizzy and slightly disoriented. I asked him to take me to the emergency room because I felt that I had a concussion. He said, ‘no you’re fine.’ He then asked how I could do this to him…I asked him again if he would take me to the ER. I promised I wouldn’t say anything. He agreed and told me to tell the ER that I tripped over my dog and fell. When we arrived at the ER, it was about 10 p.m. He was in the room the entire visit,” including during a CT scan, her EPO petition alleged.
    After she was sent home from the hospital, Hernandez used her phone to send her mother a message that read “I have lied, cheated and manipulated Esteban. I am going to try and work things out with him and will be spending time with him,” her EPO petition alleged. Her mother called, asked to meet her, and threatened to call police, the EPO petition said.
    When she went to the Stillwater emergency room a second time to get medical assistance and a sexual assault examination, her physical injuries were documented to include a bruise on her left temple area, a scratch on her right cheek area, redness around the sides and front of her neck, bruising on her left ankle, and bruising on her lower back, Stillwater Police Detective Mary Kellison wrote in an affidavit filed last week.
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