Story by: Cameron Jacobs

ROCKFORD, Ill. (WTVO) – Rockford law enforcement issued a new plea on Wednesday after another domestic violence arrest in the city.

Overnight, Kameron Thrower was arrested after allegedly stabbing his girlfriend. He faces charges of Aggravated Battery with a Knife.

Almost two weeks ago, Abdon Ochoa-Villaneda allegedly beat a woman to death and left her daughter with critical injuries. He’ll be extradited from Missouri tonight or tomorrow on charges of First Degree Murder.

Police Chief Dan O’Shea and Winnebago County State’s Attorney Marilyn Hite Ross urged victims of domestic violence to come forward before it’s too late at a press conference Wednesday morning.

“This is our latest incident of a domestic homicide in the city,” O’Shea said. “It’s a tragedy. It’s incidents like these that can be avoided.”

Both Thrower and Ochoa-Villaneda had court orders of protection issued against them by their victims prior to the attacks.

Hite Ross said, “[I’m issuing] a personal plea to anyone who is involved in an abusive relationship to seek assistance. I have personally prosecuted way too many domestic homicides.”

She went on to explain the real dangers victims may face if they don’t come forward.

“We know that domestic violence permeates every social status, every ethnicity, every profession, so no one is immune to domestic violence, but it is a lethal combination and your life could very well be in jeopardy,” Hite Ross said.

Hite Ross also stressed the importance of creating a Family Justice Center in Rockford. Experts were in town yesterday to help start the planning process.

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