Programs of Alliance for HOPE International include:

Family Justice Center Alliance – Supports developing and operating Family Justice Centers and Multi-Agency Centers where survivors and their children can come to one place for wraparound services, instead of having to go from agency to agency, telling their story over and over in order to find safety, healing, and hope.

Training Institute on Strangulation Prevention –  Provides training to family violence and sexual assault professionals on the handling of near-fatal strangulation and suffocation assaults and operates the most comprehensive training program in the country for doctors, nurses, law enforcement, prosecutors, advocates, and other professionals.

Camp HOPE America – Provides evidence-based mentoring and camping experiences for children exposed to domestic violence, sexual assault and child abuse.  Camp HOPE helps give children their childhood back, and changes the destinies of children otherwise destined for pain, heartbreak, and intergenerational transmission of their trauma.

VOICES Survivor Network – Represents a network of survivors of intimate partner violence and sexual assault who celebrate their strength and survival.  VOICES chapters across the country help advocate for local Family Justice Centers and multi-agency models and provide accountability for the work of local agencies in their implementation of policies and procedures that impact survivors.

Justice Legal Network – The Justice Legal Network focuses on helping new attorneys develop their own private legal practice while providing all their pro bono and low bono hours to victims of domestic violence and sexual assault and their children.