$ 10.00

In this delightful children’s book, hope as a healing force for all beings is explored. You and your child can join the travels of MoonBright around the world, from continent to continent, as the question we should all be asking each other every day is posed to new friends, “Where did you see hope today?” Through beautiful illustrations and helpful information, this book can be a comforting resource to increase hope in your life. The best part? All proceeds will go towards children in Camp HOPE America.



The book includes a quick tutorial in the back for parents about the science of hope. Includes a song, sheet music and a FUN FACTS section about how to increase HOPE in children and adults. All proceeds go towards children and families in Camp HOPE America, who themselves are on healing journeys to rediscover hope in their own lives after experiencing domestic violence or abuse. Buy this book to increase hope in your life, but in doing so, you are lifting others up as well!

To hear Karianne Johansen sing The Goodnight Song at the end of the book, Click Here.


To hear Shari Lyon read Goodnight Moonbright, Click Here.