By: Justin Hinton
Prince George’s County is cracking down on domestic violence and providing more support to the victims through new inter-agency strangulation protocols.
State’s Attorney Aisha Braveboy announced the new method Wednesday in front of UM Prince George’s Hospital Center.
“It will give our victims the service that they need in a timely manner, which we understand is important for their long-term health,” said Braveboy.
It comes after a successful push to make strangulation a felony in the state of Maryland.
The new protocols include having first responders who participate in all levels of a domestic violence incident communicate with one another and operate on the same page.
It also includes having technology that provides clear definition images of the patient’s injuries which can’t always be seen by the naked eye.
Cortex Flow is designed to help with the prosecution of domestic violence cases… which could now land someone up to 25 years in prison.
7 On Your Side wanted to know what plans are in place when those offenders get out of prison so they don’t re-offend and took that question to Sheriff Melvin High.
“That’s a good question. And I thank you for asking it. Here in Prince George’s County, our county council commissioned a board to look at re-entry and to figure out how to bring our returning citizens back so that they are fully integrated into our community and our society.,” he said.
According to meeting minutes from the Re-entry Advisory Board, the 21-members would provide a final report in February, with findings, recommendations, and plans for former inmates to re-enter society.
“It’s not only about having people go to a correctional facility to alter and change their attitudes and views on life but when they do and they’ve served their time, to come back to our community in good standing in a good way where they then contribute to the well being of themselves, their families and their community,” said High.
He says the goal is to have zero incidents of domestic violence.
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