By Chad Frey

Madison Smith’s journey is not complete, despite the former college classmate who attacked her in February of 2018 being sentenced on aggravated battery charges in August.

To her, 24 months of probation is not enough of a sentence for what happened on the night of Feb. 11, 2018 — and the charges filed by the McPherson County Attorney did not reflect what happened that night.

At sentencing, Ms. Smith gave a victim impact statement, stating in part,

“The criminal justice system has failed me,” Smith said an impact statement during the sentencing of her attacker. “In my first meeting with County Attorney Greg Benefiel, he told me the rape I had experienced wasn’t a rape, but was ‘immature sex.’ Then he told me he wasn’t filing charges. I was devastated… those words he said revictimized me… the one person I believed was supposed to fight for the victim on the legal side has pushed me aside, stalling, and waiting for me to give up… I won’t ever give up. Ever.”