By Peter Valencia and Alexis Goree
Lawmakers in the Nevada Assembly passed Assembly Bill 3 and headed to the Senate late Saturday afternoon as part of key policing reforms the state sought to address during the 32nd Special Session.
If passed, the practice of chokeholds would be banned statewide across Nevada’s law enforcement agencies and would require intervention of another officer if the department was unjustly using force.
It would also require officers to report all use of force incidents to their law enforcement agency and would allow citizens to record law enforcement activity in certain circumstances.

“This is about making sure that we have that community conversation about rethinking and modernizing how we take care of our community and equally take care of our police that are charged with doing that.” said Assembly Speaker Jason Frierson.

During the bill’s introduction, Attorney General Aaron Ford called the proposed legislation “a step in the right direction.”
Ford later added that he was glad the bill passed with bipartisan support although was disappointed the passage wasn’t unanimous.
Several left-wing and progressive organizations applauded the passage out of the state’s assembly including Battle Born Progress and the Human Rights Campaign.

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