By: Kirsten Fiscus

A Montgomery man was jailed after being accused of beating a woman and holding a little boy captive to avoid arrest.

Roberico L’Ronde Toles Jr., 20, was charged Monday morning hours after the alleged incident.

According to Toles’ charging documents, shortly after midnight at his Park Towne Way apartment, Toles became angry with a woman about her phone. He then “grabbed the victim around the neck and strangled her until she lost consciousness then woke her up by throwing juice on her face.”

Toles then allegedly beat the woman in the face and broke her nose.

“The suspect also bit the victim multiple times in the back and neck area,” according to court records.

Upon officers’ attempts to arrest Toles, he then took the woman’s son “inside the residence to keep from being arrested.”

“The child was at risk of physical injury due to the father using him to keep from being arrested,” Toles’ arrest affidavit says.

Court records did not indicate what type of relationship Toles has with the victim, but he was subsequently charged with second-degree domestic violence – assault and domestic violence strangulation. He was also charged with first-degree unlawful imprisonment.

Toles was booked into the Montgomery County Detention Facility with a combined $31,000 bond.

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