Story by: Matt Fortin

GEORGETOWN, S.C. (WBTW) – Business mogul and ‘Shark Tank’ star Mark Cuban is giving thousands to a local organization that fights domestic violence.

The Family Justice Center of Georgetown and Horry Counties is getting $50,000 from Cuban, who announced he planned to contribute $10 million nationwide to raise awareness for domestic violence and women’s issues.

That’s when executive director Kimberly Parsons decided to reach out to Cuban and ask for help. She wrote Cuban a letter- and to her surprise- he wrote her back.

“It was a wonderful surprise,” Parsons said in a Facebook post. “I didn’t know if I would hear back, and if I did, I wasn’t really expecting we would receive this large a sum. I just kind of took a shot in the dark.”

WBTW reported on the Family Justice Center’s push to open a shelter for victims of domestic violence open in Horry County, which has not had one in about six years.

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