Damien Seace faces alternative counts of second-degree murder

By Amy Coveno
MANCHESTER, N.H. — Authorities have announced an arrest in the killing of a woman in Manchester.
Damien Seace, 35, is charged with alternative counts of knowing and reckless second-degree murder in the death of Jennifer Burpee, 45.
Manchester police responded to an Amory Street address just before 10 p.m. Tuesday for reports of a domestic disturbance.
Authorities said a 911 call made by a woman from inside an apartment said a man named Damien was pounding on her door. When police arrived, Burpee was found dead and Seace was found hiding in an apartment bathroom, officials said.
According to the Attorney General’s Office, Seace is accused of striking Burpee’s body with a piece of furniture, causing blunt-force trauma.
Seace has been in trouble with the law before. In 2018, he was charged with strangulation and simple assault. According to court paperwork, he threatened the alleged victim, identified as J.B., by saying he was going to murder and bury her. All of the charges related to that case were dropped earlier this year.
Investigators are taking a close look at the relationship between Seace and Burpree.
“There would certainly seem to be a domestic relationship that was involved here. The exact impetus for this event, what caused it, what sparked it, that’s something we’re looking into right now,” Senior Assistant Attorney General Ben Agati said.
Seace’s address is listed as “unknown” on police documents. Burpee’s apartment was for a single person, and how Seace got inside the building is under investigation, as well.
Residents were displaced Tuesday night and Wednesday morning as investigators collected evidence.
“A lot of them are disgusted. There’s been a lot of crime going in and out of there. They are doing their best to keep it clean,” said a neighbor who lives on the floor below the victim.
An autopsy in this case is scheduled for 12 p.m. Thursday.
Seace waived his arraignment Wednesday and is being held behind bars. There was no word on when his next court appearance will be.
Authorities said all people involved in the incident have been identified by police.
Police said anyone in the area of 55 Armory St. between 8:30 p.m. and 10 p.m. Tuesday who might have seen or heard part of the incident is asked to call police at 603-668-8711.
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