The 23-year-old accused of entering his ex-girlfriend’s home and attacking a male off-duty Broward Sheriff’s Office deputy had five domestic violence arrests between July and November 2018.
After Monday’s incident that sent the still-unnamed BSO deputy to Broward Health’s Trauma Center, Carl Auguste faces attempted murder and battery charges. He sits in Broward County Jail on $200,000 bond.

BSO is used to responding to the Somerset Apartments in Lauderdale Lakes in incidents involving Auguste. Previous incidents involved the ex-girlfriend, the mother of Auguste’s now 1-year-old child, as the victim.
From documents in the Broward County court system:
June 9 — The probable cause affidavit says Auguste destroyed the kitchen window “for being told to exit the property.” He escalated to violence, the affidavit claims, when he “shoved (the ex-girlfriend) down, attempted to choke her with his hands wrapped around her neck. Victim indicated she fought back and could breathe, but the defendant began to grapple with her over the ground after releasing his hand on her throat. The defendant Carl Auguste only stopped his assault on (the woman) when the victim threatened to call the police.”
Charges in this case were dropped Nov. 21.
(Later that night, a man in a Citgo station said Auguste punched him in the back of the head after the man refused Auguste’s request for a dollar, then exchanged insults. That case is still pending.)
Aug. 21 — Auguste was accused of tampering with a witness and misdemeanor battery.
According to the probable cause affidavit, when the woman got home, she found an angry Auguste throwing furniture and belongings around the home. During an argument, “Auguste placed a firearm on the table and stated, ‘I will f—–g kill you.’” She told cops she went to a neighbor’s home to call 911, but Auguste yanked the phone from her then knocked her out with punches to the head.
Prosecutors filed “No Information” in this case, meaning they didn’t think they could get a conviction.
Sept. 9, 2018 — Auguste went to the apartment and got into an argument, thus violating the no-contact order issued Aug. 22. Police were called to the residence.
This charge was dropped Nov. 21.
Sept. 19, 2018 — The probable cause affidavit says Auguste, “punched (the woman) several times in the face and head and when she fell to the ground, she was kicked several times in the sides of her torso. This resulted in her sustaining abrasions and lacerations to the inside of both cheeks and a swollen right eyebrow. One of her dental crowns was also knocked off.”
This charge was dropped also.
Nov. 8, 2018 — Auguste was accused of grabbing the woman “by the front of the neck and the larynx and biting her on the right arm.” The probable cause affidavit says she had “visible bruising in the front of the neck consistent with forceful contact” and had “bruising and bite marks on her right arm.”
Prosecutors filed No Information on the battery. Auguste was fined $293 for violating his pretrial release.
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