By Casey Gwinn, President – Alliance for HOPE International

We grieve for Oklahoma Deputy Sheriff David Wade and his family, and we rage at the fact that another strangler of women avoided accountability for his violence before he killed a law enforcement officer.

One year ago, the DA dismissed charges against Nathan Aaron LeForce for strangulation, domestic violence, kidnapping, and child stealing. LeForce shot and killed Logan County Deputy Sheriff David Wade on April 18, 2017 while the Deputy was serving an eviction notice to LeForce.

The Alliance, with the leadership of Gael Strack and Casey Gwinn, is passionately advocating for greater accountability for men who strangle women through the work of our Training Institute on Strangulation Prevention. So called “choking” cases are often the “last warning shot.” Police and prosecutors many times fail to treat these cases as serious felonies even though a choking incident increases the likelihood of the victim’s later murder by 750%. But the danger of a subsequent murder of the domestic violence victim is not the only lethality concern. Men with the rage to strangle their partners are also the cop killers of America. We can save many lives if we treat non-fatal strangulation cases as serious felonies and prosecute them aggressively.

Read the original story from Fox News…

An Oklahoma sheriff’s deputy was shot and killed Tuesday while serving an eviction notice.

Logan County deputy David Wade was pronounced dead at OU Medical Center in Oklahoma City at around 9 a.m. local time. The suspect, 45-year-old Nathan Aaron Leforce, was arrested approximately five-and-a-half hours later by the Oklahoma Highway Patrol.

Investigators say Leforce stole Wade’s cruiser after the shooting and drove it to a grocery store. There, authorities say Leforce stole a Mazda 3. That car was later found abandoned with no sign of Leforce.


The search for Leforce caused authorities to put Langston University on lockdown, as well as public schools in the towns of Mulhall and Coyle.

Flags in Logan County and neighboring Oklahoma County were ordered to half-staff in Wade’s honor.