Wishtv.com, by Julian Grace
INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) – When a person is choked, prosecutors and investigators often find themselves in a tough spot in proving the crime. That’s because oftentimes, there are few visible signs of injury that a person has been strangled.
Marion County Prosecutors are in the process of purchasing high tech cameras that can capture broken vessels and veins under the skin that are usually caused after someone has been choked.
It’s expected the cameras will capture enough evidence to put a number of violators in jail.
A grant will pay for the cameras.
Currently, in the State of Indiana, a strangulation conviction is classified as a Class D Felony. In many other surrounding states it’s considered a Misdemeanor.
“I think it will take our prosecution to a whole new level,” said Kelly McBride with Domestic Violence Network.
There is no timetable on when the department will get the cameras. However, prosecutors are quick to add this is just an additional tool to help with investigations. Witness testimonies, expert opinions, and evidence continue to be critical in prosecuting aggravated assault cases.