LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) — A family said it’s reliving a nightmare after a man charged with killing a 3-year-old girl and her father in 2020 posted a $300,000 bond and is now on home incarceration awaiting trial.

Kevon Lawless is one of two men accused of killing 21-year-old Brandon Waddles and his daughter, Trinity Randolph, last August in the Jacobs neighborhood.

Lawless’ bond was set at $1 million last October, but a judge lowered it to $300,000 full cash days after his arraignment and ordered him to be on home incarceration if the bond was paid.

Lawless posted the bond on July 10.

Police say Lawless was on HIP when he was charged with attempted murder after he allegedly shot a victim several times in September 2015 and ran away. According to previous WDRB News reports, Lawless already had two outstanding warrants for escape from the home incarceration program at the time.

The family of Waddles and 3-year-old Trinity said Lawless’ release is unjust.

“It’s been really hard,” Tynekia Randolph, Trinity’s mom, told WDRB News while holding back tears. “I just really miss my daughter and I just can’t believe he’s out.”

They say they find it even more disturbing that Lawless took to Instagram live to talk about being incarcerated, only hours after he was released from jail.

“I don’t understand how he can be walking free with any amount of money and then for us to not be notified … she has another child with this guy,” Tyronn Howlett, Trinity’s grandfather, said.

Commonwealth’s Attorney Tom Wine said the person who paid Lawless’ bond is a record executive. Court documents obtained by WDRB News identified him as Nigel Talley.

“I don’t know if a judge or if anyone else is going to expect … if you’re a rapper or a hot dog salesman … that someone is going to come up with that kind of money,” Wine said. “Because $300,000 is a lot of money by anybody’s measure.”

Family members said they were blindsided by the release, as the jail continued to say he was “in custody.” The state’s victim notification system, VINE, also gave them no warning.

Lawless was put on house arrest, but even the prosecutors thought he was still behind bars. Kentucky law does not allow a person to be held without bond. Anyone arrested on a misdemeanor or a felony is entitled to a bond.

“Once a judge makes a determination and sets it, unless something changes … they reoffend or they don’t come back to court, that’s the bail we’re going to follow through,” Wine said.

From the murders, to Trinity’s funeral, Howlett is leery of what will happen next but hopes the community will rally around him and his family.

Talley, the man who posted Lawless’ bond, has not yet responded to a WDRB News request for comment. Lawless is expected back in court in August.

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