Story by: Ashley Gooden

Darkness lurks in places sometimes you wouldn’t imagine. For many that may mean at home.

“This pandemic, as serious as it is, we anticipate that abusers are using that to continue to intimidate and threaten, and harass victims who are unable to leave the home,” says Executive Director of One Place Family Justice Center, Allison Dearing.

Dearing says calls to One Place have decreased which could mean some victims are stuck at home with their abuser monitoring their technology use. If you need to reach out, try to remember this:

“Thinking about a code word that you might could text to a trusted friend or family member that if you text them that code word, they know that you’re in a really dangerous situation and they need to try to call for help,” says Dearing.

Most importantly, know there are still people who can come to your rescue.

“You are not alone and there are resources. We’re just operating under a new normal, but we are still here and available to help,” she says.

For those in recovery who are trying to seek the light, Brenda Spahn, founder of the Lovelady Center says it’s there.

“A lot of people that are in addiction recovery this has been a very hard time for them, and it is so easy to fall into depression. You cannot allow yourself to fall into depression. Look to the good things, look to the fullness life has, look to life after this,” says Spahn.

Even she said for a couple of days she lost hope, but she woke up to a sight she says was God restoring her hope— a tulip.

“I knew if I lost hope, a lot of women would lose hope…. Look for the tulips in your life… They’re there. You’ve just got to look and find them and know that you’re going to come through this. Believe it,” says Spahn.

She says to believe in your ability to stay strong and don’t forget to sprinkle some excitement into your routine.

“The pattern that you fall into… You need newness. You need new things, and there’s nothing that says that more than different ways to celebrate life,” Spahn says.

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The 24/7 Crisis Line number: 1-205-322-4878 (HURT)

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