The victim reported that the defendant has pushed her up against the shower with his chest and would not allow her to leave the bathroom. When she attempted to exit, he grabbed her by the shirt, pushing her into the bathtub, according to documents.
The woman was eventually able to escape and call 911. She later told police that Bellanger had hurt her before and that he becomes abusive when he is intoxicated.
Bellanger also was convicted of interfering with an emergency call after a September 2016 incident involving the woman. In that case, the defendant reportedly struck the victim several times and grabbed her phone when she tried calling 911. She reported the incident had occurred after she had told Bellanger to leave.
Records indicate that Bellanger also has a domestic assault conviction from 2010 and burglary convictions from 2006 and 2007, among other offenses.
Bellanger, then 20, made headlines in the 2007 case after he lost all of his clothes during a scuffle with a 69-year-old homeowner who confronted him in the act of burglarizing his West Ninth Street residence.