“It was an argument over a cellphone issue of some type,” Bean said.
Court documents state Aimesbury and his brother-in-law returned from hunting and had been drinking. Aimesbury at one point began to leave a series of “nasty” messages for his wife, which angered his brother-in-law and spurred an argument that led Aimesbury to leave the house, the documents state.
“However, a short time later, and likely due to the weather, Aimesbury returned,” the documents state. “Aimesbury was angry and the two men began to yell at each other.”
Court documents state that Aimesbury wrapped his hands around his brother-in-law’s throat and began to strangle him in an ensuing scuffle. The victim began to make sputtering and gagging noises, at which point Aimesbury screamed, “Only b—— choke, I’m going to crush your windpipe,” according to the document.
The documents also state a pregnant woman tried to separate the two men and she ended up being knocked to the ground, landing on her stomach.
Bean said deputies responded to a call about a domestic assault at 12:03 a.m. and arrived to find Aimesbury outside.
“After we talked with all people involved, he was arrested without incident,” he said.
The documents state deputies found three knives concealed in his boots and wallet.
Court records state Aimesbury failed to appear for a Dec. 1 urine screen after he was released from jail on bond. He’s scheduled for a bond violation arraignment on Dec. 10, the same day he’s set to face charges of assault by strangulation, carrying a concealed weapon, second-offense domestic violence and possession of marijuana.