DeKalb County Sheriff’s Office deputies arrested 21 people charged with misdemeanor domestic violence offenses.

The arrests took place during the first phase the sheriff’s department’s operation, Project Safe Home. Sheriff Melody M. Maddox said the arrests – all without incident – are among the most dangerous jobs in law enforcement, as the process involves locating individuals and taking them into custody for such offenses as battery, assault, stalking, criminal trespass, family violence battery and cruelty to children.

The two-day operation was initiated last May when there were noticeable increases in law enforcement agency reports of domestic violence incidents as families, spouses and domestic partners sheltered-in-place for months during the pandemic.

Some 15 DeKalb County Sheriff’s deputies and criminal process investigators were involved in this week’s operation, which cleared 35 warrants after 78 endeavors. Since its inception, Project Safe Home has made 92 arrests, which account for many more actual incidents because some suspects were wanted on multiple warrants.

“Domestic violence offenses are intolerable,” Maddox said. “They are generally very personal. They affect relationships between men and women. They affect innocent children who are caught up in adult situations. They can result in families being torn apart – sometimes permanently.”

“The DeKalb County Sheriff’s Office is committed to making a positive impact on these domestic issues by bringing offenders to justice,” Maddox said.

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