By Kimberly Jackson
TULSA, Okla. (KTUL) — A man shot and killed by U.S. Marshals is a reminder about a crime Tulsa police are growing more concerned about, strangulation.
Jeremy Edmonds was wanted and accused of strangling a woman in October. When Marshals arrived to arrest and serve him a warrant, they say he fought back with a knife.
“The perpetrators who do strangulation they are very dangerous. We need to treat them just like just like folks who do anything like shooting, stabbing. It’s not just like an assault,” said Sgt. Clay Asbill, who started the Domestic Strangulation Initiative in 2017. His goal was to education police officers to recognize strangulation and to charge offenders with the felony the crime already carried.
Edmonds is accused of strangling a woman at least three times during one day, in October. At one point, the affidavit says he lifted the woman off the floor by her neck. She did go to the Family Safety Center, which sent her to the emergency room for treatment.

“That’s when a lot of times we see people come in who have petechiae in their eyes, droopy face, bruising under their tongue,” Stewart described the impact of strangulation, which can be long lasting.
The penalty for domestic abuse by strangulation is three to ten years in prison.
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