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Elevating the VOICES of Survivors

Length: 1 Hour and 33 Minutes

Strangulation assaults in domestic violence are front and center in the national consciousness with the strangulation murder of Gabby Petito. During this webinar, Alliance for HOPE International President Casey Gwinn will join our panelists Michelle Morgan, Joyce Bilyeu, Natalie Hayden, and Monica Hidalgo in a conversation about the dangerousness of stranglers, the results of our recent survivor survey on criminal justice reform, how Family Justice Centers can play a critical role in criminal justice reform and the need to DO MORE advocacy for survivors. He will also share a new Safety Plan for strangulation survivors developed by the Advocacy Committee of the Training Institute on Strangulation Prevention, a program of the Alliance.

Your Presenters:

Casey Gwinn is the visionary behind the Family Justice Center Movement, first proposing the concept of the Family Justice Center model in 1989. He is a national expert on domestic violence dynamics, including investigation and prosecution, the handling of non-fatal strangulation cases, and is one of the leading thinkers in the country on the science of hope. Casey was the elected San Diego City Attorney from 1996-2004 and founded Camp HOPE America in 2003.
Michelle Morgan has been a victim advocate for over 21 years and has dedicated her career to meeting the needs of those that have experienced violence. Under the leadership of Fort Worth Police Department and Safe City Commission Inc., Michelle led the planning and development effort of One Safe Place, Tarrant Regional Family Justice Center creating one of the largest and most comprehensive Family Justice Center’s in the world. She serves as the Vice President and Director of the One Safe Place Tarrant County. Michelle has a Bachelor’s degree in Social Science with Criminal Justice and a Master’s degree in Management with Public Administration from Texas Wesleyan University.
Joyce Bilyeu is the Deputy Director of the Sacramento Regional Family Justice Center (SRFJC). Prior to her work at the SRFJC Joyce worked as the AmeriCorps Training Manager for the Child Abuse Prevention Council (CAPC) of Sacramento for 14 years. She has more than 39 years of experience in providing direct services to victims of domestic violence and other victimizations. Since 1981, she has developed training curricula and provided training on the dynamics of Domestic Violence, Sexual Assault, Human Trafficking, and Child Abuse prevention.
Natalie Hayden has been a member of the Sojourner Family Peace Center VOICES Chapter since 2017, where she now serves on the policy committee. She is on the Programs Committee of the Family Peace Center, working to ensure programming is meeting the needs of families impacted by Domestic Violence in their community. Natalie is also the Executive Commissioner for the City of Milwaukee, where she reviews and develops policies and procedures to improve response to domestic violence and sexual assault. She is also a Life and Career Transition Coach for the Department of Labor.
Monica Hidalgo is a member of the VOICES Chapter at the Sojourner Family Peace Center in Milwaukee, WI, where she is able to share about her experience with abuse and life after healing. She is a plant based chef and health coach. Monica is extremely passionate about mind-body-spirit healing, and is also a reiki master. She loves helping others find tools to improve their overall well-being.