By: Geoff Egan
BRISBANE, AUSTRALIA – A Sunshine Coast man is accused of grabbing his former partner by the throat, dragging her along the ground and pouring water down her throat.
Dean Middlebrook, 48, has been charged with domestic violence related offences including robbery, assault, strangulation and wilful damage.
He was denied bail in Brisbane Supreme Court on Friday.
The court heard Mr. Middlebrook and his former partner were living in a Yandina home before their relationship broke down in late 2016.
The woman moved out of the house but returned on January 19, 2017 to pick up belongings. Mr. Middlebrook then allegedly spat on her, slapped her and sprayed water at her before she left.
In the days after, Mr. Middlebook allegedly sent the woman a series of texts looking to rekindle the relationship.
In late February, the woman returned to the house with a friend, again attempting to get her belongings. The court heard Mr. Middlebrook had told her he would not be home but was in fact there.
Mr. Middlebrook allegedly chased the friend off the property before turning his attention to his former partner.
He is accused of punching her, taking her wallet and car keys and throwing a metal pipe at her car. He then allegedly grabbed the woman by the throat and dragged her into the house before forcibly pouring water down her throat.
The court heard when police spoke to him about the incident he said he had been assaulted and had hosed her down because she looked red and hot.
Mr. Middlebrook applied for bail on Friday and offered to live in a different town from where his former partner lived and see a psychologist.
Justice David Boddice said he was concerned Mr. Middlebrook was charged with committing “escalating violence” against his former partner.
“(Mr. Middlebrook has) failed to accept it is not his right to determine what his former partner does or does not do,” he said.
Justice Boddice said he was concerned Mr. Middlebrook may again commit offences against the woman. Bail was refused.
Article Source: Coast Man Accused of Strangling Former Partner