Story by: Katie Filling

The City of Savannah approved an agreement with the Chatham County District Attorney’s Office for a family justice center.

It will be a coordinated community response center, or a one stop shop center for victims of domestic conflict and violence.

Victims can meet with police and prosecutors right there and have all their resources in one place.

They’ll get help with victim compensation, crisis intervention, information on the criminal justice system, a twenty four hour crisis hotline, case management, and temporary protective orders.

“The district attorney’s office, prosecutors from my office, law enforcement and the resources that we have would all come and do an assessment and then try to not only prosecute the case, but to also make them whole after they’ve been victimized,” said Meg Heap, District Attorney.

Organizations like Safe Shelter and the Rape Crisis Center will also be participating in this.

Heap said the goal is to strengthen cases, help victims and decrease family violence.

The center will be located in the Waters Avenue Shopping Center.

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