Bennington County Sheriff’s Department
BENNINGTON, WA – On Tuesday, June 12, 2018 The Career Development Center in Bennington donated 10 Mannequin heads from the Cosmetology Program to law enforcement agencies in Bennington County. These heads will be used to assist strangulation investigations within the county.  The goal is not to re-traumatize the victim. By using these mannequins, the Victim can safely show the officer how the strangulation happened instead of having the victim reenact the strangulation on the officer of the officer placing their hand on the victim to determine how the strangulation happened.
All law enforcement agencies were invited to attend this donation.  Attending today were Sheriff Schmidt, Bennington Police Lieutenant Dutcher, Investigator Lloyd Dean and State’s Attorney Erica Marthage.  Also present today was Michael Lawler, the CDC Director and Jennifer Morgan-Hall who teaches Cosmetology.
Winhall, Manchester and Bennington Police, the Vermont State Police, State’s Attorney Office and the Child Advocacy Center will receive this investigative tool.
Again, we would like to thank Mr. Lawler, the CDC and their commitment to the community to assist law enforcement.

Article Source: Bennington County Sheriff’s Department – Press Release