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Strangulation is a deadly tactic. Believe victims.

Author: Carmen Lowry | Opinion, Dr. Tracey Wiese On Sept. 6, a little girl, Ashley Johnson-Barr, played in the fall weather at her local park in Kotzebue.  Continue Reading »

Mother pushes for strangulation bill after her daughter’s murder

By: Kirsten Glavin LAURENS COUNTY, SC – It’s been six years, but for Emily Joy the memories of her daughter’s murder haven’t faded. “I was  Continue Reading »

Hope Matters More Than Anything Else

By Casey Gwinn, J.D. & Chan Hellman, P.HD. (Emeka Nnaka was just featured on the Ellen DeGeneres Show.  His story of courage begins Chapter 3  Continue Reading »

The Law and You: Strangulation always serious

BY PENNY CLUTE Press-RepublicanJan 15, 2019 When one person puts hands around the neck of another and squeezes, that is strangulation. It is a serious  Continue Reading »

Residents of East Cleveland working side-by-side with government to implement much-needed services

By: Kevin Barry EAST CLEVELAND, Ohio — In a city peppered with buildings that are barely standing, a snowy weekday allows residents to huddle in a  Continue Reading »

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