Casey Gwinn was named as a fellow at the University of Pennsylvania’s Ortner Center on Family Violence!

The Evelyn Jacobs Ortner Center is a collection of faculty and students at the University of Pennsylvania who research issues related to violence, primarily violence against women & girls. The Center is a vital resource for policy makers, agency directors, researchers, and educators as they search for ways to reduce violence. In addition to publishing research findings in scholarly journals, Center affiliates teach related graduate and undergraduate courses at Penn. In addition, they testify before policymakers, collaborate with community-based organizations, and reach the general public through various media outlets. Interdisciplinary collaboration across Penn’s campus is a cornerstone of this unique Center. Such an approach is essential because no one discipline is able to address the multiple facets of the violence.

The mission of the Evelyn Jacobs Ortner Center is to:
-Investigate the correlates and consequences of violence against women and violence in the home
-Educate the next generation of researchers, practitioners, and policy makers
-Translate research findings to policy and practice
-Engage community and university stakeholders
-with the goal of preventing violence, increasing safety and health, and, thus, facilitating a stronger society.